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San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re being accused of committing a crime in San Antonio and are needing representation from a trusted and knowledgeable attorney to fight for your case, Soyars and Morgan Law offer two of the strongest fighting attorneys in Bexar County. We have a strong background in Criminal Defense in San Antonio and an award-winning team that understands what, where and how to investigate your case effectively.

Soyars and Morgan has dedicated themselves to serving San Antonio as one of the top Criminal Defense firms by fighting for the rights of those falsely accused of criminal crimes in and around San Antonio.

Don’t Just Take A Plea!

If you or a loved one has been arrested for any criminal offense, respectfully assert your right to remain silent and contact Soyars & Morgan Law immediately for a free consultation!

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Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced and knowledgable to take on cases within the following areas:

-Aggravated Kidnapping
-Aggravated Robbery
-Bonds/Jail Release
-Burglary / Theft / Shoplifting
-Criminal Property Damage
-Deadly Weapons or Firearms Charges
-Domestic Violence
-DWI / DUI (Drunk Driving or Driving While Intoxicate)
-Embezzlement and other White Collar Crimes
-Federal Offenses
-Fraud & Forgery
-Internet Crimes

-Intoxicated Manslaughter / Intoxicated Assault
-Juvenile Cases
-Motions to Revoke Probation (MTRP)
-Murder/Aggravated Assault
-Probation Violations / MTR’s
-Sex Cases
-State & Federal Drug Case Offense(Drug Possession and Drug Distribution, including cases involving; cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, and marijuana)
-State Offenses
-Violent Crimes