The Texas Legislature has given many citizens no other choice but to set their case for trial and the majority of cases sitting on the jury trial docket in County Courts are DWIs. Texas does not have the resources to prosecute so many cases, which means that if you are persistent and patient, you could take advantage of Texas’ DWI case overload. So be smart about your situation and make sure you act quickly—the Best DWI Defense can be developed by taking advantage of the Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR).

Fight Your DWI

In Texas, DWIs are not eligible for Deferred Adjudication so any plea you take on a DWI offense will be a conviction, meaning it will be permanently on your criminal record and can never be eligible for Non-Disclosure or Expunction. To avoid this harsh outcome usually the only option available is to set your DWI case for Trial and FIGHT IT! BOTTOMLINE—SETTING YOUR DWI FOR TRIAL IS GENERALLY A LOGICAL AND NECESSARY DEFENSE STRATEGY!