Standing Orders

Standing Orders in Family Law Cases

When you file for a divorce or child custody, most courts have adopted their own set of Standing Orders that automatically become binding on the parties upon the filing of a case.A party that violates a court’s Standing Order can be held in contempt and even jailed if the Court finds the party violated the court’s Standing Order.It is extremely important that each party to the suit educate themselves on the rules with which they must comply during the pendency of the proceedings.

Please find below the Standing Orders for several of the central Texas counties in which we work:

A Court can issue an exception to their Standing Orders on a case-by-case basis.In this regard, if you find that a provision of the Standing Order that applies to your case is unworkable or needs to be addressed, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can draft and file a motion requesting the Court to make an exception in your case.

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