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Soyars & Morgan Law, P.C. is a respected law firm advocating for clients in Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, and Family Law cases. Based in San Antonio, we are familiar with the courts throughout all of Texas. Our attorneys have the necessary skills to help you resolve your legal problem. With 18 years of experience, we are focused on your success.

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DWI Defense

DWIs are not eligible for Deferred Adjudication so any plea you take on a DWI offense will be a conviction, meaning it will be permanently on your criminal record.

Family violence

Domestic Violence

Assault cases involving family violence, also called domestic violence cases, are very serious because of the collateral consequences that arise from the “finding of family violence” that is associated with them.

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Contested, Un-contested, Fault or No-fault divorce. Whichever type of divorce you may be going through, we will investigate, negotiate or mediate the best outcome for your case.

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