Texas DWI Misdemeanor Lawyer

texas dwi misdemeanor lawyer

If this is your first arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Texas or you have no previous convictions, you will be charged with a Misdemeanor DWI 1st offense. Depending on your blood alcohol concentration level, this could be a class B misdemeanor or a class A misdemeanor. Your case will be filed in a Texas county court at law. Texas DWI Lawyer, Ashley Morgan, and the award-winning trial team at Soyars & Morgan Law will work hard to fight your DWI Misdemeanor. Our dynamic legal team will educate you on what to expect. 


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Have you recently been pulled over and charged with a DWI in Texas? If so, it can be a difficult and confusing situation, but we are here to help! Whether you took a breath or blood test, your DWI case will require an experienced DWI lawyer to help you understand how these the cases can be beat! When you hire a Texas DWI misdemeanor lawyer from our law firm, you can feel confident you will receive the highest quality DWI defense possible.

In Texas, the consequences associated with a DWI conviction are enormous. Your driver’s license, your finances, and your freedoms hang in the balance. You need an experienced and aggressive Texas DWI misdemeanor lawyer to fight for your rights and tip the scales of the court system in your favor.

Soyars & Morgan Law can make the difference between winning, going to jail, or doing DWI probation. Our Texas law firm is trained in the science behind the breath and blood testing, as well as how to attack the standardized field sobriety tests. Our legal team has spent years acquiring award-winning trial experience. We know the judges and prosecutors in each of the Districts and County Courts at Law in Texas.

Class B DWI Misdemeanor in Texas

If this is your first DWI in Texas and your BAC is less than a .15 at the time your breath and/or blood was taken, you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor DWI. The maximum range of punishment for a Class B DWI Misdemeanor is up to 180 days and/or a $3000 fine to be paid within 36 months. You most likely will not go back to jail or have to do any jail time as a condition of your probation. But each judge is a little different in how they proceed with sentencing. You most likely will not have a suspension on your license if you are convicted of a DWI 1st, but you will have to complete several courses and most likely have an ignition interlock on your car for half the term of probation.

Contact Soyars & Morgan Law if you have been charged with a DUI or DWI in Texas! We will devise a strategic game plan to try to avoid a conviction on your criminal history. This can affect your career and family for years, so don’t leave it to chance!

Class A DWI Misdemeanor in Texas

If you have a previous conviction or your BAC is higher than a .15, you will be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor DWI. The maximum range of punishment for a Class A DWI Misdemeanor is up to 365 days in the county jail and a fine. If you have a previous conviction, the maximum fine is $4,500. If you have no conviction, but your BAC is above a .15, the maximum fine is up to $3,000. You probably won’t do any more jail time, but the judge will order ignition interlock for half the term of probation.

If you have a previous DWI conviction, there could be 5 days in jail assessed as a condition of probation. This means that even if you are granted probation, the judge could still sentence you to 5 days in the county jail. Once you bond out of jail on a DWI 2nd, you will be ordered to maintain and install ignition interlock as a condition of your bond. If you end up being convicted for a DWI 2nd, you will have to continue having that device on your vehicle for half the term of probation. There could be a license suspension if you are convicted depending on when/where your prior conviction was. Our Texas DWI Lawyers at Soyars & Morgan Law understand that any conviction will impact your future. Contact us so we can fight to prevent a conviction and any more jail time.

What’s the difference between a DWI and DUI?

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Almost every state outside of Texas calls our DWI a DUI. A DUI in Texas is not the same thing. You will only be charged in Texas with a DUI if you are under the age of 21 and have any detectable amount of alcohol in your system. The officer can claim he smelled alcohol on your breath and if you are under the age of 21, this could be enough to convict you of DUI. A DUI is a Class C misdemeanor, meaning the judge cannot sentence you to any jail time if you are convicted. The greatest possible fine is $500. However, there could be a driver’s license suspension. If you are under the age of 21 and your BAC is above a .08, most likely you will still be charged with a DWI.