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texas criminal law lawyer

Texas Criminal Lawyer, Jodi Soyars, and the award-winning trial team at Soyars & Morgan Law, work hard to fight your criminal defense. If you have been arrested for a crime in Texas, you will need help from our knowledgeable team of attorneys. Our dynamic legal team will educate you on what to expect. Read on to learn more about our customized approach to your legal defense.

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There is plenty at stake if you are arrested and charged with a crime in Texas. The consequences of a conviction can be far-reaching, affecting not only your immediate future with fines and jail time, but also negatively impacting employment, housing, education, parenting, travel, and many other aspects of your life. It is critical to defend criminal charges aggressively and seek the protection of your rights, freedom, and reputation.

Texas criminal lawyer, Jodi Soyars, has years of experience with the Texas court system handling misdemeanors and felonies. Her familiarity with criminal defense strategies over the years has kept many wrongfully accused individuals out of prison. Even if your situation seems hopeless and the evidence against you is overwhelming, by contacting us, you will take the first important step to limit the consequences and potentially clear your name.


Texas Criminal Lawyer

Jodi Soyars and the Soyars & Morgan Law team provide personalized attention to your criminal case. Jodi Soyars is a Board Certified Texas Criminal Lawyer. This distinction places her among the top 10 percent of criminal defense lawyers in the state of Texas, marking her as a true professional who specializes in even the toughest criminal cases. Backed by years of experience and a history of successful case results, you can feel confident turning to Soyars & Morgan Law for high quality representation. Read more about why you should hire a board certified criminal lawyer.

Over the course of her career, Jodi Soyars has defended the rights of individuals throughout Texas charged with assault, drug crimes, sex crimes, and other criminal misdemeanors and felonies for many years. Whether you have been arrested for an assault, family violence, drug crime, sex crime, theft, weapons, misdemeanors or felonies, it’s very important that you meet virtually or in-person with our Texas criminal lawyer, Jodi Soyars, to discuss your best defense and see what options you have in protecting yourself from a criminal record and possible jail time. While every case is different, the goal is always the same: obtain a dismissal or reduction.

The award-winning Texas criminal lawyers’ at Soyars & Morgan Law, P.C. #1 goal is a DISMISSAL or REDUCTION.

Our Texas criminal lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable to take on cases within the following areas:

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Settle for Anything Less Than A Board Certified Criminal Lawyer

Not all attorneys are trained equally. When you hire a board-certified lawyer, you hire an expert and true specialist.

  1. Nationally recognized expertise. Having an attorney that can claim board certification is exactly the type of specialist you want on your team.
  2. Advanced level of skill. The board certification process involves a rigorous day-long exam, strict continuing legal education requirements, a comprehensive peer review from fellow counsel, and at least a five-year focus on the particular area of certification. Not every lawyer can meet the standards it takes to be board-certified, which is one of the things that makes Jodi stand out from the rest.
  3. Respected reputation in the legal community. Board certification signals to outside parties that you have hired an attorney with significant legal experience that has also been subjected to extensive peer review. Simply put, board certification provides credibility, which is one of the most valuable assets that an attorney can possess.

Just as you wouldn’t hire a painter to service your electrical problems, you shouldn’t hire a generalist lawyer to handle your criminal law case.


Schedule a consultation with our Board-Certified Texas criminal lawyer right away. Jodi and her legal team will walk you through the court process, prepare you for what to expect, and make sure you don’t miss a critical deadline. Jodi Soyars and her legal team will give you the information necessary to help successfully defend you against the criminal charge. We will meet with you and answer all of your questions, and we will develop a customized criminal defense strategy for you.


Texas Criminal Lawyer —- fight for your freedom and your reputation. 


Jodi Soyars Named one of San Antonio’s Best Criminal Lawyers

Soyars & Morgan Law handles DWI, domestic violence, sex assault, family violence, child custody, possession, and misdemeanor and felony cases on a daily basis in the San Antonio area, including Bexar, Hays, Kendall, Guadalupe, and Comal counties. When your freedom and reputation are at stake, it’s critical to hire an experienced legal team. Jodi Soyars has the experience and resources ready to stand between you and a wrongful conviction in Texas.

“Jodi walks into the courtroom with a confidence and energy that her counterparts appear to respect. Her confidence, creative character, and strategy dismissed my case that seemed certain to go to trial. Had my case gone to trial, I trust the outcome would have been in my favor with her help. Soyars & Morgan offers convenient online payments and fair payment arrangements. Do yourself a favor and call Jodi for a consultation!”

Ryan P.

Let our Texas Criminal Lawyer help you.

Getting arrested for a criminal offense can be a scary and traumatizing event, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever been arrested. This is understandable. However, it helps to have the steady guidance of a seasoned criminal lawyer who is deeply familiar with the Texas court system.

At such challenging times, the experience and meticulous preparation of the team at Soyars & Morgan Law, P.C. instills confidence. We believe that there is always a viable defense for any crime, and we are experienced enough to find it. Don’t leave your future to an inexperienced attorney. Criminal convictions can be fought! Our Texas criminal lawyer will leave no stone unturned in fighting for you. Our goal is to get your criminal case DISMISSED or REDUCED.

Get started fighting your criminal case.

Step 1: Let’s talk about your case.
First things first! Contact us! Our Texas criminal lawyers will discuss the details of your arrest, along with your goals and any challenges you might face. We will help you understand the process. Many times, individuals arrested for a crime are more concerned about the unknowns. Once you know what to expect, it eases the anxiety many feel after the initial shock from being arrested wears off. After speaking with us, you will be able to make an informed decision about which criminal lawyer you want to work with.

Step 2: Schedule a time to review your case.
Don’t delay! Time is of the essence to avoid missing a deadline. Once we are retained, we will obtain the evidence from the State of Texas and schedule you to discuss the evidence as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the case. During this time, we will discuss strategies and what we hope to accomplish. A plan of action will be decided upon, and we will educate you on all the things to expect during the course of the case.

Step 3: Put the plan into action.
Most clients would love a quick fix, but in most cases, criminal charges will take time to obtain the best possible result. During that waiting period, Soyars & Morgan Law is continuing to monitor your case and look for opportunities to move your case into position to get a dismissal. While not every case will get dismissed, our proven techniques will maximize the chances for a reduction.
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