Appeal [Jacobs v State] Won by Soyars & Morgan Law

Congratulations to Jodi Soyars & Ashley Morgan for curbing the power of a judge that was violating the client’s constitutional rights to due process. 

The award-winning team won an appeal this week in which the client was accused of having violated her probation on a misdemeanor case.  At the court setting, Jodi Soyars demanded a hearing to confront the witnesses and the State’s lack of evidence in the case, over defense counsel’s objections, the judge denied the client a hearing and sentenced her to one year in jail. 

Soyars & Morgan did not stop fighting for their client’s right to a fair trial. 

Soyars & Morgan immediately filed an appeal and requested an appeal bond.  The judge refused to grant an appeal bond forcing Soyars & Morgan to file writs of habeas and present the case to district judges to get the client released while the appeal was pending.  In the end, the Fourth Court of Appeals reversed the trial judges ruling and issued a strong reminder that in this country the accused is entitled to a fair trial and to confront the witnesses against him. Congratulations Soyars & Morgan for standing up and protecting our constitutional rights to a fair trial.

The team at Soyars & Morgan law stands up for the rights of their clients, whether it’s a criminal law case or any other type of legal situation they may be involved in.