Bexar County Military Divorce Lawyers


Bexar County Military Divorce Lawyers

Bexar County military divorce lawyers at Soyars & Morgan Law know that going through a divorce can be challenging emotionally and financially. But even more so, for military members and their families who face struggles that other families do not understand. Even a question as straightforward as where to file for divorce may not be clear. Military pensions, custody arrangements and other issues common in military divorce cases must be carefully considered to ensure that your family is protected. You will need an experienced Bexar County military divorce lawyer to help you navigate the complicated divorce process and protect your future. Our Bexar County military divorce lawyers understand the complications that can arise during the divorce process. We help protect your interests and anticipate the steps necessary to build a strong solution that works for you and your family.

Bexar County Military Divorce Lawyers

Soyars & Morgan Law proudly represents the military families and their service to our country.  Sometimes, the stress of deployment and combat take a toll on our military families.  When this happens and you find there is no other route to resolve the issues, we are here to help. Our Bexar County military divorce lawyers are here to help you and your family bravely resolve the issues that arise from a military divorce or child custody dispute involving service members.  Whether you are active military or a retired service member, please reach out to us.  We are ready to do our part to help you maintain the rights and privileges you have earned through you and your family’s sacrifices for our country.

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Why Choose Soyars & Morgan Law?

  • Direct access to your legal team. Our Bexar County military divorce lawyers work hard as a team to provide each client with prompt responses. You will have direct access to your team of Bexar County military divorce lawyers so that you are able to get the answers that you need, when you need them.
  • Transparency. Honesty and transparency are critical to building trust with your attorney. You will always know what is going on with your case every step of the way.
  • Personalized approach. Our team understands that no two cases are the same. Your strategy will be tailored specifically to you and your family’s goals. Soyars & Morgan Law sees your case through from start to finish.

When you retain the services of Soyars & Morgan Law, you can be assured that your Bexar County military divorce lawyers are fully qualified to take on your case. Let our Bexar County military divorce lawyers work with you to address your legal concerns.

Bexar County Military Divorce FAQ’s

Where do I file for Divorce and Child Custody if I am in the Military?

In a military divorce, often times the divorcing couple has lived all over the world and neither party is living in the member’s actual “home state of residence.” If you find yourself trying to determine where to file, call us. Let our Bexar County military divorce lawyers at Soyars & Morgan Law help walk you through the complicated process of making sure you file in the right place.

Can I file for a military divorce in Texas?

If you or your spouse serve in the military, you may qualify to file for divorce in Texas under the following circumstances:

TEXAS RESIDENT OR SPOUSE SERVING OUT OF STATE/COUNTY. Time spent by a Texas domiciliary outside the state or county of residence while you or your spouse is serving in the armed forces or other services of the United States or Texas is considered time spent in Texas and in the county of residence.

NON-TEXAS RESIDENT SERVING IN TEXAS. If you or a spouse is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and has been stationed (1) at one or more military installations in Texas for the last 6 months and (2) at a military installation in a Texas county for the last 90 days, then you are considered to be a Texas domiciliary and a resident of that county for those periods for the purposes of filing a divorce suit.

Interim Spousal Support?

All branches of the military require the military member to provide financial assistance to the non-military member if they are living apart. The amount of financial assistance depends on whether or not the couple has children and which branch of the military the service member is serving in.

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Health Insurance?

If you have been married long enough, the non-military spouse may get to keep their health insurance after the divorce for up to a year, or in certain cases, until the non-military spouse remarries. If you have been married to the service member for at least 20 years, the service member served at least 20 years and the marriage and the period of service overlapped for at least 20 years, then the non-military member will be allowed to keep their health insurance benefits after the couple divorces. An important side note, the children of the service member will keep their health insurance eligibility after the divorce under most circumstances.

Child Custody and Visitation in Texas?

Another big difference is the service member’s ability to allow his family to exercise his or her possession with the children while they are deployed. It should be noted that the visitation schedule doesn’t change; it is exactly the same; it is just being exercised by the service members family member of choice. It is important to include that language in your final order if you are the service member. Additionally, if you are the non-military person, it is equally as important to make sure you delineate which family member can exercise the possession in the final order. Call our Bexar County military divorce lawyers so we can help make this process easier for you!

Can I still get custody of my kids if I am in the military?

Yes. Military members can receive custody of their children just like any other parent. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the military member’s position in the military, certain accommodations will be required to address the best interest of the child(ren).

What happens if I get served with divorce/child custody papers while I am deployed?

Don’t worry! By law, we are able to ask for a continuance to delay the divorce/child custody proceedings temporarily while we prepare your case. Please call Soyars & Morgan Law right away so our Bexar County military divorce lawyers can request the continuance and help you develop a plan that is best for your family.

Pay attention to Geographic Restriction Language.

Geographic restriction language is often included in a final divorce decree or child custody order. A geographic restriction requires the primary parent. or the parent that the children will live with the majority of the time, to remain within certain geographic boundaries (i.e. Bexar County, the State of Texas, etc.)

Whether the spouse or primary parent is the military member or the non-military member, it is important to make sure the Court does not include a geographic restriction in the final order that would prevent you from exercising visitation with your child(ren). While it might be moot in some circumstances, if a military member knows he or she is currently at their “last duty station” and requests it, the other parent may get “stuck” in that county or State if the geographic restriction is included in the final order.

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