Boerne Military Divorce Lawyers


Boerne Military Divorce Lawyers

Boerne Military Divorce Attorneys

Navigating a divorce is a taxing experience on both emotional and financial fronts, and this complexity multiplies for military families. Questions that seem straightforward for civilians, like where to file for divorce, can become convoluted issues. Military-specific concerns such as pension division, child custody, and others require nuanced handling to safeguard your family’s future. At Soyars & Morgan Law, our Boerne military divorce attorneys are adept at guiding you through these intricate challenges. We aim to protect your interests and build robust solutions tailored to your unique family needs.

Supporting Military Families in Boerne

At Soyars & Morgan Law, we hold a deep respect for military families and their service to our nation. The unique stressors of military life, including deployments and combat situations, can put significant strain on familial relationships. When reconciliation seems out of reach, we are here to support you. Our Boerne military divorce team excels at addressing the unique challenges that come up in military divorces and custody disputes. Whether you’re in active service or have transitioned to civilian life post-retirement, don’t hesitate to consult us. We’re committed to safeguarding the rights and benefits you and your family have rightfully earned through your service.

Meet Our Boerne Military Divorce Lawyers

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Why Opt for Soyars & Morgan Law in Boerne?

  • Immediate Team Access. Our Boerne military divorce attorneys operate as a cohesive unit, ensuring swift responses to all your inquiries. You’ll enjoy direct access to your dedicated legal team, so you get the answers you need, exactly when you need them.
  • Complete Transparency. Building a relationship of trust with your attorney is paramount, and that begins with open communication. We keep you updated at every stage of your case, ensuring you’re always in the know.
  • Tailored Legal Strategies. Recognizing the unique challenges each case presents, we custom-craft your legal approach to align with your family’s specific objectives. We guide you through the entire process, from inception to completion.

Choosing Soyars & Morgan Law in Boerne means entrusting your case to skilled military divorce professionals. Rest assured, our team is fully equipped to address your unique legal needs efficiently and effectively.

Boerne Military Divorce FAQ’s

Where Should I File for Divorce and Child Custody as a Military Member?

The complexities of military life often mean you could have lived in various places, making it challenging to determine your official “home state of residence” for divorce filing. If you’re grappling with this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Boerne military divorce attorneys can guide you through the maze of jurisdictional considerations to ensure you file in the appropriate location.

Can I Initiate a Military Divorce in Boerne, Texas?

Yes, you can, under specific conditions:

BOERNE RESIDENT OR SPOUSE ABROAD. If you’re a Texas resident but serving outside the state or county, your time away still counts as residency in both Texas and Boerne, as long as you or your spouse are active in the U.S. military or other federal services.

NON-TEXAN STATIONED IN BOERNE. If you or your spouse are active in the U.S. military and have been posted to one or more Texas bases for at least six months, and stationed in a Boerne base for a minimum of 90 days, you’re deemed a Texas resident and a resident of that county for divorce filing purposes.

Temporary Spousal Support in Boerne?

Military branches have policies requiring the service member to offer financial support to the non-military spouse when living separately. The support amount varies depending on factors such as child custody and the specific military branch.

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Continued Healthcare Coverage in Boerne?

In a military divorce, the non-military spouse may retain their health benefits for up to a year following the divorce, or until remarriage in specific instances. If your marriage has lasted 20 years, intersects with 20 years of military service, and the periods overlap for 20 years, then the non-military spouse remains eligible for health benefits post-divorce. Children usually retain their health benefits as well.

Child Custody and Visitation in Boerne?

A unique facet of military divorces is the deployed service member’s option to delegate visitation rights to a family member of their choice. The established visitation plan stays the same; it’s just enacted by the designated family member. Whether you’re the service member or the civilian parent, incorporating this clause in your final order is vital. Our Boerne military divorce lawyers at Soyars & Morgan Law are here to assist you in this aspect.

Can Military Members Obtain Child Custody in Boerne?

Absolutely. Just like civilian parents, military service members can be granted custody of their children. There may need to be specific arrangements made to accommodate the unique aspects of military life and to serve the best interests of the child or children involved.

What if I’m Deployed and Receive Divorce/Custody Papers?

Stay calm. Legally, we can request a temporary halt to the proceedings as we prepare your case. Contact Soyars & Morgan Law promptly so our specialized Boerne military divorce team can secure this delay and devise the most effective strategy for you and your family.

Be Cognizant of Geographic Limitations in Orders

Often, geographic restrictions are stipulated in finalized divorce decrees or child custody agreements. These clauses obligate the custodial parent to reside within predefined geographical areas, like Bexar County or the State of Texas.

It’s crucial, whether you’re the military or civilian parent, to ensure the court doesn’t enforce a geographic limitation that could compromise your visitation rights. This is especially pertinent if you’re at your “final duty station” and could risk confining the other parent to that specific region due to these restrictions.

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