Scott Nelson

Family Law – Associate Lawyer

Scott Nelson, a local San Antonio graduate from Jefferson High School, had one of his first jobs driving boats on our very own San Antonio River Walk. Scott went on to attend college at the University of Maryland where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Scott’s wide range of life experiences make him uniquely qualified to handle high-asset divorces involving real estate transactions, complicated military divorces, high-conflict child custody and support cases, and divorces involving complex religious and cultural sensitivities.

Prior to becoming a family law attorney, Scott opened and grew a prosperous landscaping company.  When he first bought it, he did $90,000 in sales. Before selling his company, he did $550,000 in sales. In just under five years of owning his company, he saw a 500% increase in sales. Owning and running his own company gave him experience in the issues that affect business owners and employees. Ultimately, Scott went on to sell the business and transition to real estate.

Scott’s real-world experience in selling and buying both commercial and residential properties give him a leg up over other family law attorneys. His knowledge and experience in these transactions provides Scott the ability to help clients with high asset divorces, complicated real estate transactions, and divorces involving community property.

Scott comes from a military family.  Scott went on to serve in the marine corp and navy for 20 years, as an enlistee and officer. In the marine corp, he went up to Sergeant E5, and in the navy, he is currently O4. He has about 1,000 hours in naval aviation and over fifty combat air missions over Iraq. His extensive experience in the military gives Scott a unique perspective and insight when handling military divorces involving child custody, multi-State jurisdictions, military benefits, and qualified domestic relations orders (QUADROs)—whether Scott is representing the military member or the non-military member, his military knowledge provides the client an advantage over other attorneys in a military divorce.

Scott attended law school at St. Mary’s University. While in law school, he worked in the family law clinic.  His experiences in the family law clinic allowed him to work on a number of family law cases involving child custody and child support issues for under privileged spouses and parents.  While Scott now works on many high-asset divorces and high-conflict child custody cases for clients, Scott acknowledges that his first experiences with the family law clinic created a strong foundation for his future work in family law.

Prior to joining Soyars and Morgan Law, Scott worked at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht as a law clerk. He then worked at Bandoske & Butler as an associate attorney, practicing and gaining experience in family law.

Scott Nelson joined Soyars & Morgan Law, where he could continue his work of providing zealous, client-focused, and knowledgeable representation to family law clients. Scott prides himself on treating his clients with dignity, honesty, and respect. He enjoys challenges that do not have an easy solution and require critical thinking.