San Antonio DWI Lawyer


San Antonio DWI Lawyer

At Soyars & Morgan Law, San Antonio-based DWI attorney Ashley Morgan and her skilled trial team are committed to defending your DWI charges. A DWI arrest can be overwhelming; that’s why you need our experienced group of lawyers on your side. Continue reading to learn about our specialized approach to legal defense or watch the accompanying video.

The DWI Defense Process in San Antonio…


Preserve Your Driving Privileges Post-DWI Arrest

Feeling alarmed about the repercussions of a DWI arrest on your lifestyle, career, and finances? We get it. Nobody wants to face the possibility of losing their driver’s license, getting a criminal record, or serving jail time. That’s why, at Soyars & Morgan Law, P.C., our DWI attorneys in San Antonio work diligently to navigate you through the legal maze.

Don’t procrastinate in hiring a lawyer. Post-arrest for DWI in San Antonio, there’s a 15-day window to request a hearing for your driver’s license suspension. Learn Why This Hearing is Crucial.

Get in touch with us ASAP to safeguard your driving rights.

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Seasoned DWI Lawyer in San Antonio

Our legal team, led by Ashley Morgan, offers individualized care for your DWI situation. With DWI charges potentially impacting your wallet and your future, you’ll want to consult with one of our San Antonio DWI experts either online or in-person, to guide you through the complexities of the law and how to avert the pitfalls of a criminal record and possible incarceration.


You’ll benefit from our San Antonio-based legal services if:

  • Your driver’s license is at risk of suspension due to DWI.
  • You’re aiming to prevent a criminal record.
  • You’re striving to avoid a DWI conviction.

Discover more about choosing a DWI Lawyer in San Antonio.


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Post-DWI Arrest Steps in San Antonio

Need a local DWI attorney to demystify the court proceedings and to keep you on top of crucial deadlines? Our San Antonio DWI specialists are poised to assist. Secure a FREE consultation with us now.

With the expertise of Ashley Morgan and her legal squad, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to build a compelling defense against your DWI charge. We’re here to provide personalized advice and to formulate a tailored DWI defense approach for you.

Fight for Your Rights and Reputation in San Antonio

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Let our Experienced DWI Attorneys guide you.

A DWI arrest can be a frightening life event, especially if it’s your first encounter with the law. Don’t put your future in the hands of a less experienced lawyer; DWIs can be contested! We exhaust all avenues in advocating for you, aiming for case dismissal or charge reduction.


Embark on Your DWI Defense

Step 1: Initiate a Conversation About Your Case

The first move is to get in touch with our San Antonio DWI lawyers. Discuss your DWI arrest and concerns with us, so we can enlighten you on the legal steps ahead. Often, apprehension arises from the unknown; understanding the process can alleviate stress. After this conversation, you can make an educated choice about your legal representation.

Step 2: File Your San Antonio Driver’s License Hearing Request

Time is of the essence! Act swiftly to adhere to the 15-day deadline for your driver’s license hearing request. Once you engage us, we’ll ensure that this crucial hearing is correctly requested. Mistakes in this area can cost you; we’ve seen too many clients who thought they had it covered, only to find out they didn’t.

Step 3: Activate Your Defense Strategy

Time waits for no one; meet deadlines to maximize your defense options. After becoming your legal representatives, we’ll get the required documentation from local authorities and schedule discussions about the evidence and potential legal tactics. Together, we’ll lay down a roadmap for your defense.

While a quick resolution is desirable, DWI cases in San Antonio often require time to reach an optimal outcome. Throughout this period, Soyars & Morgan Law stays vigilant, always searching for opportunities to better your case’s standing.


Defending Against DWI Charges in San Antonio

Victory against DWI allegations is attainable. Whether you underwent breath or blood tests, an experienced San Antonio DWI attorney can guide you through defeating your DWI case.

At Soyars & Morgan Law, we can be the deciding factor between a favorable verdict, incarceration, or DWI probation. Our San Antonio legal team specializes in the science behind breath and blood tests and knows how to scrutinize standardized field sobriety tests critically. With years of award-winning trial experience, we have the expertise to navigate San Antonio’s unique judicial landscape, including the various District and County Courts at Law.

Our impressive record in dismissing or reducing DWI charges in San Antonio stands as a testament to our capability.

Concerned that a DWI arrest may jeopardize your career, personal life, or freedom? Don’t fret; we have a strategy. Early intervention is crucial in the DWI process, allowing us to safeguard your rights and schedule essential hearings. Many individuals often delay reaching out, unaware of the urgency required in the initial stages of a DWI case.


DWI Offenses in San Antonio: What You Need to Know

First-Time DWI Offense

For a first-time DWI where your BAC is below .15, you will face a Class B Misdemeanor charge, with a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $3,000, payable within 36 months. It is unlikely that you’ll serve additional jail time or face a driver’s license suspension, although you’ll likely need to complete courses and may need an ignition interlock device. More info here.

DWI with BAC Above .15

With a BAC higher than .15, your DWI is elevated to a Class A Misdemeanor. This comes with a potential 365-day county jail term and a fine. The maximum fine in such cases rises to $3,000. Ignition interlock will likely be mandated for half of your probation term. More info here.

Second-Time DWI Offense

A second DWI offense is significantly more severe, with up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $4,500. A five-day jail term could be added as a probation condition. You’ll also be required to install an ignition interlock device as a bond condition and potentially during probation. More info here.

Third or Subsequent DWI

A third DWI charge becomes a third-degree felony, punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Community service may require a mandatory 30-day jail term and possibly an inpatient treatment program. Your driver’s license may be suspended from 180 days up to 2 years. More info here.

Intoxication Assault & Manslaughter

These are severe charges under the Texas Penal Code, resulting from causing serious injury or death while intoxicated. Learn more here.


Frequently Asked Questions about DWI in San Antonio

What’s the difference between DWI and DUI in San Antonio?

Though often used interchangeably, DWI and DUI have distinct legal meanings in San Antonio. DWI requires proof of intoxication and carries potential jail time. DUI is specifically for drivers under 21 and only requires evidence of alcohol influence, with penalties generally limited to fines. More info here.

BEWARE! There can be a driver’s license suspension for both a DUI and a DWI in Texas. Contact Soyars & Morgan Law for a free consultation on how to save your driver’s license.

Do I Need to Install Ignition Interlock?

If court-ordered, you must install this device. If you no longer have vehicle access, immediate legal counsel is essential to address this with the court promptly. More info here.

How Do I Choose a DWI Attorney in San Antonio

  • Interview multiple local DWI attorneys.
  • Assess their responsiveness and how well they explain the DWI process.
  • Check their reviews and experience.
  • Evaluate their familiarity with San Antonio courts and their record of successful outcomes.

Reach out to Soyars & Morgan Law for a complimentary consultation on safeguarding your driving privileges in San Antonio.