Texas DWI Penalties


Texas has made national news several times this year for stiff DWI penalties. More and more habitual offenders are finding themselves with a life sentence for various degrees of offense.

Texas prosecutors often run on campaigns about being tough on DWI offenders, and both Texas Prosecutors and Judges often go on record about being tough on DWI cases. The problem arises when these cases of multiple DWI offenses are looked at as bad choices by the defendants. Most people with multiple DWI offensives are alcoholics, and not acting to hurt people with malice intent.

It is extremely important when defending these cases that all the facts are assessed, including the defendant and their family medical history. Cases with a medical history of alcoholism need to be looked at with an eye on rehabilitation. There is no need to end your life with a bad sentence for a medical condition that is treatable.

A reliable DWI attorney will always check all the facts of the case and ensure that the court is considering the best solutions for the defendants instead of just blindly throwing the book at them. Good representation will help the court understand that it is not about the number of chances you have, it is about correcting the underlying problem that will ensure proper public safety without sacrificing basic rights and unjust rulings.